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What is GloveBoxDocs

  The new app which stores details for all your vehicles and associated drivers. It reminds you of mot, tax, insurance, breakdown, driving licence, warranty expiry dates

  Stores your service and mot history, records details of accidents and convictions (and has a section for accidents & incidents allowing photos, details of witnesses, injuries)

  When you need to hire a car it allows you to check and share your driving licence....... and loads more

  It’s ideal for any busy person – takes all the hassle out of trying to remember important dates, and can save you money and points on your driving licence too!
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Standard Features

Check out what you can do with GloveBoxDocs

Document storage

Car information, MOT, Tax, Insurance, Warranty, Breakdown, Service & Repair, Image Gallery & much more

Automated reminders

No longer do you have to remember when your MOT will expire, when your Tax is due or how much Warranty you have left

Vehicle images

Store images of your car for your own reference. Add up to 80 images

DVLA Vehicle Lookup

Enter your registration number and Gloveboxdocs will attempt to look up, retrieve and display all information available

Anyone can use it

Use it for yourself, your family, friends, employees; even if you're a company car driver

Driver details

Store your driving License along with other information such as points, accidents, convictions & claims. Display on demand

Why use GloveBoxDocs?

Cloud Backup

Never lose your important data. Using our one-touch backup system you can safely store all of your vehicles' important data in our secure storage cloud.

Use Offline

Our app can be used offline so you can add data for your vehicles without an internet connection, just backup your data when you have a connection.


Download our app for iOS & Android devices. Our platform allows us to easily update the application with new features quickly and easily.

Want to know more?

 Nowadays it is so difficult to keep on top of basic tasks such as keeping up-to-date with your MOT, tax & insurance expiry dates, especially as we don’t have tax discs anymore or automated MOT reminders.

 Did you know that your driving licence has an expiry date, and do you know when it is? Gloveboxdocs will remind you and could save you a hefty fine!

 Being a company car driver puts you at risk of falling foul of the law as you may have no idea if your vehicle is legal, but you will be the one with the fine and points if it isn’t!

 What about other important information such as warranty, breakdown cover details and expiry dates plus all drivers’ claims, convictions and health history for ease of arranging insurance?

 Do you know what type of oil your vehicle takes, or tyre pressures and sizes or, for those classics in your garage, points, plug gaps and types. The list could go on forever but having these easily to hand really could make your life easier.

 Have some good pictures of your car? We’ll even let you load them up into a gallery within your garage.

 Where is your service history? What did you have done and when?

 Gloveboxdocs securely stores all this information and keeps it at your fingertips. You can even install it on more than one device.

 The app creates your own virtual garage, with prompts to help you get started.

 Load, at your leisure, details of each driver and assign them to as many or few of the vehicles as needed.

 Add service history and photographs of receipts or a pictorial history of work carried out.

 Selling your vehicle? We can simply assign that vehicle to another user so that they get all the service records and important information.

 When it’s time to renew your MOT, tax and other important information we'll simply send you a push notification directly to your device, with plenty of warning, and display a warning triangle in the app to let you know.

 If you need to tax your car, one tap sees you at the DVLA website to complete the process.

 Going on holiday and need to hire a car? Tap on your driving licence details and go through to the DVLA to share your driving history, it couldn’t be simpler!

 Out and about and have an accident? Gloveboxdocs allows you to photograph the damage and road layout, take details of drivers and witnesses and note road and weather conditions and a description of what happened along with the insurance and vehicle details for other drivers.

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